With all efforts, learn from experience, but do not dwell on the past, especially on things – things that do not be able difference.Involve the use of useful strategies to think and do what you are biased to remain optimistic be able expectation and will mass-soluble fron.Not to grief but remains balanced in view of the fact that the world problem.Accepttance not perfect and accept your presence, including a remedial difference.IF please download at:

1.                                                      KD 1 Physical quantities (BESARAN FISIKA)

2.                                         KD 2 Vector Analysis (ANALISIS VEKTOR)

3.                                 KD 3 Movement (GERAK/GLBB)

4.                         KD 4 Uniform circular motion (GERAK MELINGKAR BERATURAN)

5.                                KD 5 Law – Newton’s (HUKUM NEWTON)

Do not get out of purpose, direction and goals and your dreams, also do not stop seeking the achievement of your goals, try to learn more about yourself and focus on things – things that you have and which exist in the world.

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